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Annatto Extract

Annatto Extract
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Annatoo Colour - 300 Grams


Annatto is made from the red pulp that circles the seed of the achiote (Bixa orellana L.  Annatto is nowadays practiced as a dye in medical preparations such as balms and plasters.  Annatto seeds Extract are frequently ground for preparation or processed to apply as a "culinary dye.  Annatto paste is natural color for cloth and wool and is occasionally applied in the paint, lacquer, varnish, cosmetics, and soap manufactures.  Annatto's story of use as a food color is well based global, and current tendencies show that it is being used progressively in body care products.  Annatto is particularly suited for coloring dairy productions such as cheese, ice cream and yoghurt, and finds additional applications in popcorn (oil/butter), confectionary productions, snack foods, admixtures, and soft beverages.

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